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Manuk and Nana are very different characters. When we first got Manuk, we now realise we had it relatively easy because he is very friendly and curious so training was quite simple and socialization has been straightforward. Nana on the other hand has been more independent and although very sociable and playful with other dogs, can be reserved with strangers. Both our dogs have been well-socialized as puppies with their respective breeders and then later at puppy class in Switzerland. They both continued obedience training with positive reinforcement as young dogs all the way through to 2 years of age at dog school. We followed Ian Dunbar's advice and had puppy parties between 8 and 16 weeks old and have been going regularly to dog parks and other city and country environments, which they need to get used to, for example, traffic, farm animals, children's playgrounds etc. We have also been incorporating Turid Rugaas's Calming Signals and various other things like clicker training as per Karen Pryor's method. Manuk and Nana spend most of the time together lounging, playing and challenging each other with chasing and hiding games outside on walks.

Manuk 22 Jan 2020 3.png
Nana 22 Jan 2020 3.png


PR Granite Hill Silverado DNA-VP

Birth Date: 02 May 2014

Height: 63cm (24inches)

Weight: 33kg (73lbs)

UKC: A718,056

AKC: WS47307206

CHIC: 155797



PR Desert Sol Great Nana DNA-VP

Birth Date: 01 June 2016

Height: 59cm (23.2 inches)

Weight: 23.5kg (51.8lbs)

UKC: A914,104

AKC: WS54545906

CHIC: 155798

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