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Nana (aka Nananina) is our second Chinook, born 'Desert Sol Great Nana' on Wednesday 01 June 2016 and 1 of 10 puppies (7 females, 3 males) of the 'Chicken Nugget Litter' at Desert Sol Chinooks. She is inquisitive, motherly and appears refined in her 'ladylike' manner. She loves pouncing and is diligent in cleaning, especially Manuk's ears!


PR Desert Sol Great Nana DNA-VP

Birth Date: 01 June 2016

Height: 59cm (23.2 inches)

Weight: 23.5kg (51.8lbs)

UKC: A914,104

AKC: WS54545906


Sire: PR Channahon’s Kikiah Tyee – “Oscar”

Dam: PR MountainThunder Great Kyraina DNA-VP – “Kyra”

Pedigree Status: AKC Purebred Intact Female

Nana's Five Generation Pedigree

Health Status

Hips: OFA Good, HD-Grad: BB (Switzerland)

Elbows: OFA Normal, HD-Grad: 00 (Switzerland)

Eyes: OFA Normal 2020

Other: Seizure & allergy free

Nana's Optimal Selection DNA results


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