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Manuk is our first Chinook, born 'Granite Hill Silverado' on Friday 02 May 2014 and 1 of 9 puppies (7 males, 2 females) of the 'Western Movie Litter' at Granite Hill Chinooks. He is outgoing, tender and loves being the 'life of the party'. He has a lot of patience with very young children and is careful with older people.



PR Granite Hill Silverado DNA-VP

Birth Date: 02 May 2014

Height: 63cm (24inches)

Weight: 33kg (73lbs)

UKC: A718,056

AKC: WS47307206

CHIC: 155797


Sire: PR Granite Hill Calypso “Abazzi”, DNA-VP

Dam: CH PR Granite Hill Eureka, DNA-VP

Pedigree Status: UKC & AKC Purebred Intact Male

Manuk's Five Generation Pedigree

Health Status

Hips: OFA Fair, HD-Grad: BB (Switzerland)

Elbows: OFA Normal, HD-Grad: 00 (Switzerland)

Eyes: OFA Normal 2020

Other: Seizure & allergy free

Manuk's MyDogDNA results


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