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Geneva, Switzerland

Nukka was the oldest Chinook in Europe born in Vermont, USA on 04 October 2005 (Forever Greene Chinooks). She gave birth to the first Chinook litter in Europe, was loved and had a life well-lived. She passed away at the age of 16.5 years old on 03 May 2022.

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Geneva, Switzerland

Eyja is the oldest Chinook in Europe. She was the first Chinook born in Europe on 19 June 2010. She is mad for playing fetch and also does a bit of hunting for sport, sometimes stealing live mice from the cat. We met up and played together at her home in Geneva in 2013.

Manuk 22 Jan 2020 3.png
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Entlebuch, Switzerland

Manuk was the first male Chinook in Switzerland born in Boston (Granite Hill Chinooks) on  02 May 2014. He sired the first Swiss Chinooks litter.

Nana 22 Jan 2020 3.png
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Entlebuch, Switzerland

Nana was our first female at Swiss Chinooks born in Arizona (Desert Sol Chinooks) on 01 June 2016. She gave birth to the first Swiss Chinooks litter in February 2021.

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Basel, Switzerland

Zorro is the first male pup born in Europe at Swiss Chinooks (10 February 2021). We have high hopes of him becoming one of our studs.

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Lot, France

Sierra was the first female Chinook born at Swiss Chinooks on 10 February 2021. She is a beautiful Chinook and we hope she will become our next breed female.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Willie is from our first Swiss Chinooks litter. He stayed with us right up until he reached 17 weeks old. He is very affectionate and lives with his labrador companion, Cara in Scotland.

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Allgäu, Germany

Neo is the first Chinook in Germany and our Manuk's brother from the Western Movie Litter at Granite Hill Chinooks. There was a reunion when we went to visit Neo and his family when our dogs were around 6 months old (they had a great time playing).

lithuania flag.png

Vilnius, Lithuania

Lila is the first Chinook in Lithuania and was born on 10 February 2021 in the first Swiss Chinooks litter. She left us at 9 weeks old to make the journey to her new home to a lovely Lithuanian family. We hope she too will be a Swiss Chinooks breed female.

Vreni 03_edited.jpg
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Vreni (Freny)

Baden-Württemberg, DE

Freny is the first female Chinook in Germany and one of the sweetest of the Swiss Chinooks first litter. She is a very gentle and adorable Chinook who stayed with us until she reached 15 weeks old.

Nanuk pic_edited.jpg
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Lower Austria, AT

Nanuk is the first Chinook in Austria and was the last pup to be born to our first Swiss Chinooks litter. She is the most laid-back of the group and is the spitting image of her father, Manuk.

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Asker, Norway

Kylo is a gentle boy who is always ready to play with dogs and cuddle with his human family. He was born in New Hampshire on 30 August 2021. He used to live in New Canaan, Connecticut before moving to Norway with his family.

Chinooks in Europe!

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