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Atlas was born 03 July 2004, as 1 of 7 puppies at Granite Hill Chinooks.


His lineage was recorded by Tufts University in Boston as being one of the purest, yet most genetically diverse at the time.   

He was a beautiful and stately creature.was an exceptional Chinook with a grand heritage,

We know Atlas' parents!Blush  We owned Echo and met Jackson Tyee several times.  Jackson was the ultimate Chinook stud owned by one of the breeds most ardent, knowledgeable, and benevolent supporters. I drove 1400 miles one way to facilitate the breeding which was carefully documented, as Jackson was in such demand.  We did copious research before flying to Waldoburough Maine  in November of 2001, to collect Victors Echo.  We live in a ski resort of the Colorado rocky mountains, therefore Echo had no choice but to back-country hike, skijor, mountain bike and travel to ski races with us.  Echo's breeding and birthing were textbook.  We took applications from all over the country for the puppies and researched the potential owners thoroughly.  We chose the perfect homes for each puppy.  We kept Boomer an extreme athlete and loving nut that we thought might be a handful.  Point being Echo and Boomer had more snow and back country miles on her than a lot of professionals.  Echo lived a healthy life for just short of 16 yrs.

He is outgoing, tender and loves being the 'life of the party'. He has a lot of patience with very young children and is careful with older people.



PR Granite Hill Silverado DNA-VP

Birth Date: 02 May 2014

Height: 63cm (24inches)

Weight: 33kg (73lbs)

UKC: A718,056

AKC: WS47307206

CHIC: 155797


Sire: PR Granite Hill Calypso “Abazzi”, DNA-VP

Dam: CH PR Granite Hill Eureka, DNA-VP

Pedigree Status: UKC & AKC Purebred Intact Male

Manuk's Five Generation Pedigree

Health Status

Hips: OFA Fair, HD-Grad: BB (Switzerland)

Elbows: OFA Normal, HD-Grad: 00 (Switzerland)

Eyes: OFA Normal 2020

Other: Seizure & allergy free

Manuk's MyDogDNA results


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