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There is a process to owning a Chinook that requires an understanding of the rarity of this breed (you cannot pick your puppy from a litter). Most, if not all legitimate Chinook breeders are very close to their dogs and expect to maintain a degree of social contact with owners for the entire life of their dogs. It is important to note that all dogs whether as pet or breed pups will require written contracts between the breeders and potential owners, which will include co-ownership in the case of breed pups. These strict but necessary measures are there to preserve the hard work that has gone into breeding healthy Chinooks with a solid working ability as well as protect the breed from accidental breeding (most pet pups are required to be neutered).

Email us any questions you have and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can.

Meeting a Chinook and their owners is essential to finding out if this is the breed for you.

By filling in an application form we can get to know you and you may be put on a waiting list.

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If all temperament and physical tests are satisfactory for Nana, we hope to breed Nana with Manuk in Spring 2019!

Whether you own a pet or breed pup/dog, we would like to provide you with positive training methods, tips and literature for you to have the kindest and most rewarding relationship with your dog.

Nutrition makes up a large part of your dog's health and we would like to make a variety of suggestions on what you can feed your dog to give it optimal growth, a strong immune system and hopefully a long and healthy life.

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Owning A Chinook