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According to veterinary studies and knowledge of the biology of dogs, there are a list of foods that should not be given to dogs in order to avoid toxic consequences or adverse effects. Many humans think that some of these foods are ok to give to dogs and some people ignore the advice and want to personify their lives onto a dog's life because this is natural human behaviour, for example, baking human cakes based on ingredients including sugar and carbohydrates for a dog's birthday in a show of affection or bonding with their dog. The fact remains that the dog is not aware of its birthday even though they appear happy to eat any food you are giving them with lots of attention and ceremony. This may make you feel good but it is not good and sometimes dangerous for your dog. Sometimes there are alternatives to human birthday cakes to satisfy your need for a cake to celebrate your dog's birthday by creating a meat and vegetable-based cake for your dog instead.

Big No-Nos!

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