We are a family with two Chinooks living in the centre of Switzerland in a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Our intention is to become hobby breeders of the Chinook dog and possibly the first outside the United States. We strive to breed for health and working ability of these wonderful companions as well as promote the conservation of the Chinook breed.

The Chinook is a very rare, American breed originating from New England in the early 1900's that has been known as 'the world's best kept secret' since its popularity in the 1940's. Chinook dogs are known for their working ability as sled dogs as well as their loving temperament as family dogs.

If you are interested in giving a Chinook dog a forever home, using positive training methods and enjoying regular outdoor activities, the Chinook might be the breed for you!

Welcome to Swiss Chinooks!
Latest News

Swiss Chinooks 1st litter planned for mid-November 2020!


Interested? Please write to info@swisschinookdogs.ch (please check that we have not landed in your spam mailbox)

An ultrasound (24 June 2020) showed that our Nana is not pregnant. Naturally after all our efforts this is not the result we were hoping for but we are patient and persistent so we have planned a breeding with Manuk and Nana for her next heat cycle in mid-November 2020. If all goes to plan, we expect puppies traveling by plane to their forever homes, in-cabin, to be collected at the end of 8 weeks old (estimated to be middle of March 2021). All other puppies are expected to be collected at the end of 10 weeks old (estimated to be the beginning of April 2021), unless exceptional arrangements have been made.


For all those who have sent in a puppy application and already visited us, you will be informed via email if you have been put on our waiting list for our November 2020 breeding plans. We will be informing everyone via our Swiss Chinooks website on how our next attempt in mid-November is going.


If you are no longer interested  or have found another Chinook breeder and wish to be taken off our waiting list, please contact us on info@swisschinookdogs.ch and kindly let us know. (please check that we have not landed in your spam mailbox)

Recommended Reading

Rugaas, Turid (2006). On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals (2nd ed.). Wenatchee, Wash.: Dogwise Pub. ISBN 1929242360.

Our Chinooks In Articles!

We're on page 3 of the Chinook Quarterly, Fall 2016!

Our dogs are in the Finnish 'rare dog' magazine Meidän Koira, 2019. Click here to see the article (please use google translate to understand it in English).

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