This is planned to be the second Swiss Chinooks litter. We are calling it Swiss Alps 2022! Nana is currently recovering from her first pregnancy and raising her first litter. Her coat is coming back and she is already looking svelt and fit. The plan is to get her eyes tested again for the CAER (Companion Animal Eye Registry) as well a general medical check up. I will be then finding her a sire and will post the information on this website when a suitable match has been found.

Nana's hips have been confirmed a 'good' grade, elbows are 'normal' and eyes have yet to be tested.

We expect puppies traveling by plane to their forever homes, in-cabin, to be collected at the end of 8 or 9 weeks old (Currently, this can be done flying with only SAS (Swedish airlines) from Zurich to Copenhagen and then from Copenhagen to either Newark or JFK if you reside in the USA). All other puppies are expected to be collected at the end of 10 weeks old, unless exceptional arrangements have been made. We currently have a waiting list of potential owners and are happy for anyone interested to fill in a puppy application form and return it to us via email or postal mail. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


For all those who have sent in a puppy application and already visited us, you will be informed via email if you have been put on our waiting list for our Swiss Alps Litter. Which applicants will be receiving a puppy can only be determined after we know how many puppies Nana will be having (next year 2022) and after conformation and temperament evaluation (at 7 to 8 weeks) of the puppies.

For all those who have yet to visit us, please check the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health's mandatory quarantine list before you make any travel arrangements to find out if your country is on that list, in which case, please contact us to make other arrangements to meet a Chinook.


If you are no longer interested or have found another Chinook breeder and wish to be taken off our waiting list, please contact us on and kindly let us know. (please check that we have not landed in your spam mailbox)

Manuk 22 Jan 2020 3.png
Nana 22 Jan 2020 3.png


Yet to be determined

Birth Date: TBA

Height: TBA

Weight: TBA





PR Desert Sol Great Nana DNA-VP

Birth Date: 01 June 2016

Height: 59cm (23.2 inches)

Weight: 23.5kg (51.8lbs)

UKC: A914,104

AKC: WS54545906

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