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Without a doubt, Chinooks are the best family dogs ever! The Chinook breed is an all-rounder that is both a working dog and a family dog. It has sled dog breeds like the Siberian husky and Greenland husky in its ancestry and was created by the American explorer, Arthur Treadwell Walden. Chinook was born January 17, 1917, in New Hampshire and was the foundation dog of the Chinook breed to which all Chinooks are related. He was described by Walden as “a large, tawny, yellow dog, a half-bred Eskimo, with dark ears and muzzle” (Walden A., 1935). “Chinook was known not only as a wonderful sled dog, but also for his gentle disposition toward children”. (CCA, 2022)

So why would anyone want a family dog? Is it because raising children or grandchildren is a part of their future and people think a dog will enrich their life? They would be correct in thinking so. According to a Pediatric Research article in Nature, “there is some evidence […] that children of dog-owning families who spend time with their pet dog may benefit in terms of increased physical activity as well as their social and emotional development.” (Wenden E.J. et al., 2020: 1013) But that’s not the only reason why someone would want a family dog. Some people are looking for a companion to match their lifestyle, and the Chinook breed’s versatility means these dogs can be part of an active life as well as relax in front of a good movie.

The Chinook Breed: Good Breeding Makes a Good Family Dog

Published September 30, 2022

By Lynn Philipp

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